Threading Needles   
Writer/producer: Michael Barketey
Director: Jamal Hodge
In category: Narrative Feature Film


Exact Runtime 
01 hr : 39 min : 57 sec

Date of Completion 
June 2011

Country of Production 



Threading Needles is a cross between Crash and Lake-view Terrace. Kweku a young African man falls in love with a white woman in America, All seems to be going well till he is faced with two ruthless cops with no agenda, a white cop who despises what the couple represents and a black cop who hates what they stand for.This movie will shed light on modern racism in America and challenge viewers to believe in second chances.




Screening Time & Venue


Time / Date



6:00 PM     Fri, Oct 28

screens with…

Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 4