Their Eyes Were Watching Gummy Bears
Director: Raafi Rivero
Producer: Jason Pollard
In category: Short Film


Exact Runtime 
00 hr : 19 min : 50 sec

Date of Completion 
November 2010

Country of Production 




A coming of age comedy about a young African-American student, Del , on the eve of his graduation from Princeton University . He is at a cross road in his life; he doesn’t know if he wants a career in acting, his passion, or go to law school to fulfill his parent’s wishes. Del is also trying to win back the love of his life, Laura, who breaks up with Del at the beginning of the story. Laura is fed up with Del ‘s childish antics and indecision about his life and wants to leave him behind to pursue her medical career Del spends the rest of the film overcoming numerous obstacles to try and win Laura’s heart. Del and Laura ‘s friends, Sean aka ‘Big Country and Bridgette help guide them in their journey to find love and happiness.
It’s a smart, irreverent comedy that depicts young people of color in a light and setting not often seen. 



Screening Time & Venue


Time / Date



1:30 PM     Sat, Oct 29

screens with

That Bleep Was Funny…!

Spare Change (7:00)

Call for Backup (17:43)

Mission: Mom-Possible(9:37)

N.B.A. (15:18)

Bathroom Vanities (8:00)


Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 5

$12.50 Matinee