The Start of Dreams
Director/producers: The Horne Brothers
In category: Documentary


Exact Runtime 
01 hr : 22 min : 07 sec

Date of Completion 
January 2010

Country of Production 



‘THE START OF DREAMS’, produced by Jennifer Gordon Thompson and directed by The Horne Brothers, is the story of award-winning director Kenny Leon bringing aspiring teenage actors to a Broadway stage in a monologue competition. In a new age where Arts Education is considered expendable in such a declining economy, Leon is determined to use his celebrity and influence to expose kids across the country to the wonderful world of theater, giving kids the courage to dream big. ‘The Start of Dreams’ is packed with Hollywood ‘s elite weighing in on this important art form and what it means to humanity.




Screening Time & Venue


Time / Date



12:30 PM     Sat, Oct 29

screens with


Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 4

$12.50 Matinee