Silent Night*
Writer: Ryan Gibson 

Director/producer: Red Carter 
In category: Short Film


Exact Runtime 
00 hr : 11 min : 27 sec

Date of Completion 
May 2010

Country of Production 



Silent Night, explores the uncomfortable subject of rape in America . We follow a night in the life of a young professional woman who goes to a Christmas party and shortly after leaving is raped in the backseat of her car. The twist of the story is that we witness the act in a much different way. There is no dialog, instead the audience is given a glimpse as to what goes on in the mind of the victim and attacker through voice over. We are given an inside look at what these two individuals are thinking, feeling, during this horrific act.It is has been documented that 60% of all rapes that occur in America go unreported. Often times the woman is made to feel that it is her fault and thus she is often victimized again by those there to help. So subsequently, most woman say nothing and keep the pain, and humiliation to themselves. The title “Silent Night” has a triple meaning in this film. One being that it is set around the Christmas season and “Silent Night” is one of the most recognizable holiday songs. Two, that there is no dialog in this film (Other Than the voice over). Lastly, again that this woman will not report this crime and is left living through many “Silent Nights”.

Hopefully this film will shed some additional light on this Topic, and give victims the strength to speak out.

* Adult Subject Matter / Parents Advised


Screening Time & Venue


Time / Date



2:30 PM     Sat, Oct 29

screens with…

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Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 4

$12.50 Matinee