Director/producer: Regge Life
In category: Documentary


Exact Runtime 
00 hr : 45 min : 23 sec

Date of Completion 
March 2011

Country of Production 

The earthquake that struck Haiti in January of 2010 brought tragedy to an island that has seen more than its share of sorrow. Within days, the worldwide media descended on the island and just as quickly departed as other stories became deemed more important. CBS journalists, Correspondent Bill Whitaker and Producer Erin Lyall George had the fortune to remain in Haiti for a month, witnessing more than any other American network journalists. The film raises the important questions: What is the journalist’s responsibility and relationship to their subjects during a crisis like the earthquake in Haiti ? Is it possible to be objective when your sense of humanity is called upon during a tragedy of this magnitude? Bill and Erin give us REASON TO HOPE. 



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11:00 AM     Sat, Oct 29

screens with

Okechukwu (17:00)

Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 4

$12.50 Matinee