CONGRATULATIONS to the 2013 HBFF Project Stargazer Semi-Finalists!!!


1) “Andrew and Regina: The Creators” by Devin Rice, Northridge CA

Two inner-city teens who live on opposite ends of the US have just met via the internet to discover — through many strange dreams and occurrences — that they’re eternal soulmates, who were once divinely powerful and intelligent authorities in a far-off galaxy. They fight to meet again and rekindle their undying love against a universe that seems bent on destroying them.


2) “Astronaut Tribe” by Kelvin Phillips, Austin TX

In the year 2098, a critical international space mission, sent to explore anomalies to the
solar system’s Heliosphere, is threatened by the mysterious genetic mutation of the ship’s
crew into nine-foot black creatures with wings.


3) “Beyond Heaven” by Ronald Taylor, Los Angeles CA

A team of astronauts, three men and three women, embark on a mission to investigate evidence that intelligent life exists on a newly-discovered planet in deep space. The estimated duration of the mission is 40 years, making its success dependent on the ability of the crew to procreate and raise children along the way.


4) “Brought Up” by Rashim Cannad and Tarina Pouncy, Los Angeles CA

A group of twelve-year-olds who haven’t yet figured out middle school, must figure out a way to
save the lives of the world’s greatest scientists who are trapped in a cave on Mars.


5) “Build” by Gerald Haynes, Wilmington CA

After an ominous alien vessel enters Earth’s atmosphere, NASA recruits a child
prodigy to construct an ultra hi-tech planetary defense system which could ultimately
save mankind from being wiped off the face of the planet.


6) “Convergence” by Marie-Francoise Theodore, St. Paul MN

A cosmic catastrophe forces Astrophysicist researcher to reconnect with and embrace her
indigenous roots in order to save humanity and the world.


7) “Homeworld” by Brandon Easton, Long Beach CA

An idealistic young astronomer finds his life in danger after he analyzes data that suggests the
Earth is about to be invaded by a massive alien fleet – but is he really seeing an alien fleet, or something much
more incredible?


8)”Mira Bane” by Arvel Chappell III and Michael J. Martinez, La Mirada CA

In the year 2050 Earth is ruled from space and the entire planet is under martial law. Mira
Bane, a renowned neuroscientist, races to cure her telepathic child before the tyrannical supreme
leader captures him to run experiments with deadly consequences. Mira is faced with remaining
quiet or uprooting the fabric of the entire planet in order to save her son.


9) “Space Race” by Erik Bernard and Lyndon Tait, Port Wentworth GA

In the distant future a gifted and troubled human pilot represents
Earth in a deadly intergalactic space race to save his dying planet.


10) “Wings of Icarus” by Greg Rhem, Bloomfield NJ

NASA. 1973. Following the Turbulent ’60s and the glory days of humanity’s first steps on the moon, a Black man is chosen to be an Apollo astronaut. ‘The Wings of Icarus follows his trials and triumphs, as he steps beyond the restrictions of race and boundaries of Earth.


11) “The Wish” by Gary Hardwick, Pasadena CA

An alien power makes humanity confront its mistakes and offers a future only if a young boy can make a wish that will make us better.