The Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) will unspool 100 films in competition during HBFF 2017, its 14th Annual event, February 22-26, 2017 in Marina Del Rey, CA. 100 films will compete in four categories: 18 features, 51 shorts, 22 docs and 9 new media projects will screen.

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59 Seconds– Writer- Director: Benedict Dorsey, Kingsville, MD, Running Time: 01:32:00, Year of Completion: 2014

Almost Amazing– Writer- Director: Justin Price, Rosemead, CA, Running Time: 01:55:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Beyond The Silence– Writers: William Michael Barbee, Cathryn Stanley, Shawana Gatlin, Directors: William Michael Barbee, Cathryn Stanley, Rodney Gilbert, East Orange, NJ, Running Time: 01:40:00, Year of Completion: 2015

Confused…by Love– Writer- Director: Crosby Tatum, Hyde Park, MA, Running Time: 01:10:23, Year of Completion: 2015

Dirty South House Arrest– Writer- Director: Daphne Hayes, Lithonia, GA, Running Time: 01:43:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Executor– Writer- Director: Moziko Wind, North Las Vegas, NV, Running Time: 01:36:00,Year of Completion: 2017

Forever Yours– Writer- Director: Patrick Ulysse, Rosedale, NY, Running Time: 01:45:00. Year of Completion: 2016

Grandma’s House– Writer: Kimberley T. Zulkowski ,Director: Paul D.Hannah , Milwaukee, WI, Running Time: 01:35:04

Hav Faith– Writer- Director: Howard L. Bell IV, Nashville, TN, Running Time: 02:07:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Kansas St.- Writer- Director: Norris Young, USA, Running Time: 01:32:09

Life Is Too Short– Writers: Antoine Allen, Marquis C. Mosley, Director: Antoine Allen, Jamaica Queens, NY, Running Time: 01:12:59, Year of Completion: 2015

My B.F.F.– Writer- Director: Greg Carter, USA, Running Time: 01:50:00, Year of Completion: 2016 (domonique telson-producer)

One Last Sunset Redux– Writer: Kemper Sease, Director: Kevin Richmond, USA, Running Time: 01:00:00

Oracabessa– Writer- Director: Richard A. Nelson, Columbus, OH, Running Time: 01:53:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Oscar– Writers: Fernandel Almonor and Mark Anthony Williams, Director: Fernandel Almonor, Valley Village, CA, Running Time: 01:20:00, Year of Completion: 2017

Sunshine Day– Writer: April Tylon Warren, Director: Lawrence Lee Wallace, Chicago, Illinois, Running Time: 01:39:53, Year of Completion: 2015

Things My Daddy Should’ve Told Me– Writer- Director: Rasheda Randle, Atlanta, GA, Running Time: 01:10:12, Year of Completion: 2016

Title VII– Writers: Nicole Franklin, Craig T. Williams, Director: Nicole Franklin. New York, NY, Running Time: 01:12:00, Year of Completion: 2016


90 Days– Writer: Nathan Hale Williams Directors: Nathan Hale Williams and Jennia Fredrique Aponte, Sherman Oaks, CA, Running Time: 00:19:30, Year of Completion: 2016

A Good Day of Hustling– Writer/ Director: Gary Carbo, USA, Running Time: 00:05:27, Year of Completion: 2016

All They Know Is Shoot– Writers: Anike Bay, Tripp Sticc and Ricky Moncler, Director: Anike Bay, Chicago, IL, Running Time: 00:05:04, Year of Completion: 2016

Angela’s Sacred Heart– Writer: G. G. Williams, Director: G. G. Williams and Jerry Bell, Jr., Portland, OR, Running Time: 00:24:01, Year of Completion: 2016

Appassionato– Writer- Director: Bradley Evans, Falls Church, VA, Running Time: 00:23:51, Year of Completion: 2016

Architects of Crime– Writer- Director: Christopher B Derrick and William A Derrick, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:08:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Bail– Writer- Director: Ben Kadie, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:06:40, Year of Completion: 2015

B.B.O– Writer- Director: Miraca Johnson, Desoto, TX, Running Time: 00:06:10, Year of Completion: 2016

Behind Closed Doors-Writers: Max Cole and Makeda Hardy, Director: Max Cole, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:09:34, Year of Completion: 2016

Black Cop– Writer- Director: Cory Bowles, Halifax, NS, Running Time: 00:10:27, Year of Completion: 2016

Black Magic– Writer- Director: Rachel Bass, Orange, CA, Running Time: 00:11:10, Year of Completion: 2016

Brazilian Wavy– Writer- Director: Kirk Henriques, USA, Running Time: 00:21:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Blackface– Writer- Director: Malcolm Baity, Jamestown, NC, Running Time: 00:06:43, Year of Completion: 2016

Caps– Writer- Director: Lola Ridgell, Sylmar, CA, Running Time: 00:15:15, Year of Completion: 2016

CARRIE CA$H– Writer- Director: Mercy L. Smith, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:20:51, Year of Completion: 2016

C’est Moi– Writer- Director: Howard J. Davis, Toronto, On, Running Time: 00:08:50, Year of Completion

Chasing Denzel– Writers: Sharieff Walters and Michael King, Director: Michael King, Valley Village, CA, Running Time: 00:24:00, Year of Completion: 2014

Curse of War– Writers: Abdul Malik Abbott and Ronald Graham, Director: Abdul Malik Abbott, USA, Running TIme: 00:16:36, Year of Completion: 2015

Dating & Waiting– Writers: LaCora Stephens, Candice Lenoir and Ajoke’ Adebesin, Director: Lawrence Saint-Victor, North Hollywood, CA, Running Time: 00:25:46, Year of Completion: 2016

“Gila Monster” Episode: Cold, Ruthless and Unstoppable– Writer- Director, Alonzo Crawford, USA, Running Time: 00:15:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Hollywood Fiction– Writer: Eric Darnell Redding and Vinnie Coppola, Director: Eric Darnell Redding, North Hollywood, CA, Running Time: 00:30:47, Year of Completion: 2016

Hope For Dating In LA– Writers: Valerie Udeozor and Joslyn Pennywell, Director: Davida Chanel Smith, Los Angeles, CA, Running Date: 00:26:30, Year of Completion: 2016

Last Stop- Writer- Director: Prentice Dupins, North Little Rock, AR, Running Time: 00:24:21, Year of Completion: 2016

Late late– Writer: King Hassan, Director: Ashlea Patterson, Burbank, CA,Running Time: 00:04:59, Year of Completion: 2016

LOVE– Writer- Director: Marcellus Cox, Bellflower, CA, Running Time: 00:13:53, Year of Completion: 2016

Make America Great?– Writer- Director: Candice Vernon, Santa Monica, CA, Running Time: 00:12:37, Year of Completion: 2016

Me, Myself and Them – Writer-Director: Isaac Taylor, Los Angeles, CA , Running Time: 00:19:30, Year of Completion: 2016

MY NAME IS LAMAR– Writer: Dale E. Turner, Director: Linda Palmer, West Hollywood, CA, Running Time: 00:07:15, Year of Completion: 2016

Moving Express– Writer- Director: Joseph Singleton, Philadelphia, PA, Running Time: 00:09:40, Year of Completion: 2016

New Neighbors– Writer- Director: E.G. Bailey, Minneapolis, MN, Running Time: 00:08:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Nutcracker– Writer- Director: Michael Aronson, Burbank, CA, Running Time: 00:21:00, Year of Completion: 2016

On Time– Writers: Xavier Burgin and Tiara Marshall, Director: Xavier Burgin, Lancaster, CA, Running Time: 00:08:16, Year of Completion: 2016

Oops!– Writer- Director: Andre Campbell, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Running Time: 00:03:48, Year of Completion: 2016

Ori Inu: In Search of Self, Writers: Chelsea Odufu and Emann Odufu, Director: Chelsea Odufu, Newark, NJ, Running Time 00:28:47, Year of Completion: 2016

Pangaea– Writer- Director: Olivia Peace, Evanstown, IL, Running Time: 00:06:12, Year of Completion: 2016

Paradise Inn– Writer- Director: Bervick J. Deculus II, USA, Running Time: 00:09:05, Year of Completion: 2016

Photograph– Writer- Director: Lacy Diamond, North Hollywood, CA, Running Time: 00:16:21, Year of Completion: 2016

Raptors– Writer- Director: Kevin W. Brooks, Pasedena, CA, Running Time: 00:15:30, Year of Completion: 2015

Rebel Child– Writer- Director: Juan Davis, Oakland, CA, Running Time: 00:07:45, Year of Completion: 2015

Sandra: Say Her Name– Writer- Director: J. Danielle Walker, Sherman Oaks, CA, Running Time: 00:07:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Shadows– Writer: Gabriella Nieves, Director:James Sims, Inglewood, CA, Running Time: 00:16:23, Year of Completion: 2016

Sexless After 45– Writer- Director: Joy Shannon, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:20:00

Tales from the Blood Fairies– Writer: Omari Matlock, Directors: Omari Matlock and Alexander McCoy-Smith, USA, Running Time: 00:27:29, Year of Completion: 2016

The Boots– Writer- Director: Leah Cohen-Mays, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:11:57, Year of Completion: 2016

The Closet– Writer- Director: Timeca M. Seretti, USA, Running Time: 00:14:00, Year of Completion: 2015

The Gram– Writer: Tiffany Black, Director: Ryan Richmond, Atlanta, GA, Running Time: 00:14:00, Year of Completion: 2016

The Homecoming– Writer- Director: Paulina Bugembe, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:18:00, Year of Completion: 2016

The Jump– Writer: Eric Lockley, Director: Jamal Hodge, New York, NY, Running Time: 00:07:11, Year of Completion: 2016

The StickUp– Writer: Dimitri Morantus, Director: Melkwych Pierre-Louis, USA, Running Time: 00:08:03. Year of Completion: 2015

The Untimely End of Ms. Xiang– Writer: Janelle Renee Pearson, Director: Jeff Cohen, North Hollywood, CA, Running Time: 00:25:01, Year of Completion: 2016

Third Timothy– Writer- Director: Julian Walker, USA, Running Time: 00:15:00

DOCS (22)

#NonaHendryx Transformation– Writer- Director: Renee Sotile and Mary Jo Godges, West Hollywood, CA, Running Time: Running Time: 00:06:30, Year of Completion: 2016

A Cut Above– Writer- Director: Kalisha Whitman, Birmingham, AL, Running Time: 00:13:25

Agents of Change– Writer/ Director: Abby Ginzberg and Frank Dawson, Berkeley, CA, Running Time: 01:06:00, Year of Completion: 2016

A Way Out– Writer- Director: Gladys Bensimon, Hoboken, NJ, Running Time: 00:52:46, Year: of Completion: 2016

Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph– Writer: Khalid White, Director: Maia Porter, Union City, CA, Running Time: 01:20:44, Year of Completion: 2017

Change For A Penny– Writer- Director: Joseph A. Adams, Running Time: 00:50:51, Year of Completion: 2016

“First Step: A Kids Family Away From Family” documentary– Writer- Director: Alvin M. Daniels, Chicago, IL, Running Time: 00:50:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Forest Anderson: The Black Oklahoma Millionaire-Writer- Director: David Lee, Long Beach, CA, Running Time: 00:13:00, Year of Completion: 2015

Gospel Radio Man– Writer- Director: Bruce Nelson, USA, Running Time: 01:16:27, Year of Completion: 2016

Invisible Women: Being A Black Woman In Corporate America– Writers: Monica Simmons, Melody Shere’a, Director: Melody Shere’a, Oakland, CA, Running Time: 00:32:28, Year of Completion: 2016

Jesus Christ: Man or Myth?– Writer- Director: Christian Robinson, Lancaster, CA, Running Time: 01:33:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Machel Montano: Journey of a Soca King– Writer: Ayana Reece: Director: Bart Phillips, Running Time: 01:16:27, Year of completion: 2016

Not Black Enough– Writer- Director: Tracey Anarella, USA, Running Time: 01:22:28, Year of Completion: 2015

“Project BayGanda “– Writer- Director: Montaigne “Mr. M” Massac and Erica “Evarize” Varize, Oakland, CA, 01:01:00, Year of Completion: 2016

ROAD BACK– Writers: Vincent Brantley and Peter Allen, Director: Vincent Brantley, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 01:23:46, Year of Completion: 2016

The 30th of May– Writer: James William Theres, Directors: James William Theres and Chris Windfield, Silver Spring, MA, Running Time: 00:39:46, Year of Completion: 2016

The Health in Hope– Writer- Director: Sai Varadan and The Students of Middle School 223, Rosedale, NY, Running Time: 00:49:51, Year of Completion: 2016

The Lowrider Tradition– Writer- Director: Dante K, Palo Alto, Ca, Running Time: 00:09:14

The Revenge of Emmett Till– Writer: Dwamina Drew, Directors: Dwamina Drew and Emmanuel Camacho,Chicago, IL, Running Time: 00:34:00, Year of Completion: 2016

The Sara Spencer Washington Story– Writer- Director: Royston Scott, New York, NY, Running Time: 00:28:05 Year of Completion: 2016

When Justice Isn’t Just– Writer: Dawn Alexander, Director: David Massey, North Hills, CA, 00:00:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Soup Joumou – Writers: Martine Jean and Ella Turenne, Director: Ella Turenne, Los Angeles, CA, 00:14:00, Year of Completion 2016


#DearGeorgette Web Series– Directors: Georgette Pierre and Matthew Butler, Writer: Georgette Pierre, USA, Running Time: 00:00:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Anacostia– Writer: Anthony Anderson, Directors: Anthony Anderson and Martha Byrne, Germantown, MD, Running Time: 00:25:37, Year of Completion: 2016

DROP– Writer- Director: Bolaji Tijani-Qudus, Running Time: 00:04:58, Year of Completion: 2016

Funny Married Stuff– Writer: Peyton R. Perrine II, Director: Roger Melvin, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:04:00, Year of Completion: 2016

Makeup x Breakup– Writer- Director: Eric J. Dickens, Rahway, NJ, Running Time: 00:16:41, Year of Completion: 2016

SIDETRACKED the series– Writer- Director: E.D. Brown, Los Angeles, CA, Running Time: 00:45:00, Year of Completion: 2015

Sistah Did What? Episode 6 “Sistah’s Pyschic”– Writer- Director: Michael Blackman, Woodland Hills, CA, Running Time: 00:14:03, Year of Completion: 2016

The Birthright Project– Writer- Director: Danielle L. Ross, Pasedena, CA, Running Time: 00:28:00, Year of Completion: 2016

The Put Down Web Series– Writers: Shonnie Jackson and Jonathan Joseph, Director: Shonnie Jackson, Miami, FL,Running Time: 00:12:00, Year of Completion: 2016