The Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) is proud to announce a new sidebar, Film Diaspora, that will play an integral role in discovering and launching independent films and filmmakers from the Diaspora outside of the U.S. and Canada by bringing them to the attention of the industry, press and public. This year the HBFF audience can expect to witness stellar performances, gripping stories that are vivid, tender and moving. These films promise to leave you thoroughly entertained.

In its inaugural year, Film Diaspora will unspool 11 films (3 features, 2 Docs & 6 shorts) from eight countries – Burkina Faso, Cameroon, England, Haiti, Madagascar, New Zealand, Nigeria and South Africa.

Following is the complete lineup of films in the HBFF Film Diaspora Sidebar:




Flower Girl

Writer: Jigi Bello, Director: Michelle Bello

* Film Diaspora ­ Nigeria


Malagasy Mankany (Legends of Madagascar) Writer/Director: Haminiaina Ratovarivony

* Film Diaspora ­ Madagascar


Ninah’s Dowry

Writer/Director: Victor Viyuoh

* Film Diaspora ­ Cameroon




Midnight Scorpian

Writer/Director: Tony Amara

* Film Diaspora ­ Burkina Faso



Writer/Director: Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein

* FIlm Diaspora ­ South Africa



Writer/Director: Willis Ikedum

* FIlm Diaspora ­ Nigeria 


Sunni Man

Writer/Director: Hamish Mortland

* Film Diaspora ­ New Zealand



Writer/Director: Shola Amoo

* Film Diaspora ­ London



Writers: Edith Nwekenta and Ola Laniyan

* Film Diaspora ­ Nigeria 




Adopted ID

Writer: Andrew Togobo ­ Director: Sonia Godding­Togobo

* Film Diaspora ­ Haiti



Writer/Director: Adeyemi Michael

*Film Diaspora ­ London