Mama Sweetie
Producer: Shae Jordan
Producer/director: Nimo Mathenge
In category: Documentary


Exact Runtime 
00 hr : 55 min : 00 sec

Date of Completion 
August 2010

Country of Production 




The true story of Patricia Sawo, a Kenyan woman who, along with her family, created the HIV/AIDS orphanage called The Discover to Recover Centre (DTRC). Located in Africa in Kitale , Kenya the DTRC was founded in 2005 by Patricia and is a sanctuary that offers food, shelter and schooling to HIV/AIDS orphans. But central to her story is how one person can have a life changing impact on many others. That’s why she is called ‘Mama Sweetie’. As Patricia says, ‘There is hope in my story and that is what I want the world to see’. Her personal experience has been transformed into a mission of love and compassion for many children living in and around Kitale with little or no hope.




Screening Time & Venue


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11:00 AM     Sun, Oct 30

screens with


Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 4

$12.50 Matinee