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Opening Night

“The Preacher’s Son” Screening & After Party

Based on the characters from New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber’s novel The Preacher’s Son. Bishop T.K. Wilson, his wife & two children are a well respected family in their community — yet the Wilson kids are fighting temptations, and the bishop’s son, Dante, has plans that don’t include taking over his fathers church.
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Closing Night

“Everything But a Man” Screening & After Party

She’s sexy., smart., successful ••• and still single. “Everything But A Man” explores the paradox modern career women face, having to think and act like a man in the work world., but still be expected to behave like “a lady” in order to keep a man. The story follows a high achieving but secretly lonely lawyer, VANESSA A. PRICE, who despite all her material success is a failure when it comes to love.

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