Fish Above Sea Level
Writer/director/producer: Hazim Bitar
In category: Narrative Feature Film



Exact Runtime 
01 hr : 20 min : 00 sec

Date of Completion 
June 2011

Country of Production 



Talal is an affluent urban professional who discovers that upon his father’s death he has lost everything. Dawoud is a poor black farmer in a village by the Dead Sea .Struggling to salvage what’s left of his inheritance, most of all the family house in Amman, Talal embarks on a journey to a small village by the Dead Sea with a dark history only to find that history is about to be repeated with him both victim and villain.To regain his house, Talal must compromise Dawoud, whose family has been subjected to exploitation by Talal’s grandfather.Dawoud, to avoid confrontation, follows the path of friendly persuasion to help Talal come to terms with his family’s legacy.

But greed is a force of nature that pits Talal’s quest to maintain his socioeconomic status against Dawoud’s wish to live a simple decent life and to avoid confrontation. So Talal schemes, unknowingly maybe, to win Dawoud’s trust.




Screening Time & Venue


Time / Date



9:00 PM     Fri, Oct 28


Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 5