WHAT ARE THE DATES OF HBFF 2013? The13th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival will be held October 2-6, 2013 in Hollywood, California.   WHAT ARE THE SUBMISSION DATES FOR HBFF 2013? Submissions will be accepted April 1, 2013 through July 1, 2013. The Early Bird submission deadline is May 5, 2013. The Regular submission deadline is June 16, 2013. The Late deadline is July 1, 2013. The Withoutabox Extended deadline is July 8, 2013.   HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO ENTER THE HOLLYWOOD BLACK FILM FESTIVAL? $65/$60 with WAB discount for entries received on or before May 5, 2013. $75/$70 with WAB discount for entries received between May 6 and June 16, 2013. $85/$80 with WAB discount for entries received between June 17 and July 1, 2013. $85/$80 with WAB discount for entries received between July 2 and July 8, 2013.   IS THERE A STUDENT DISCOUNT? Yes…there is a $15 discount for students. A copy of your current student id is required with your submission.   HOW DO I PAY MY ENTRY FEE(S)? You can pay by credit or debit card (VISA, MC, AMEX) online with your submission through withoutabox. Entry fees are non-refundable. Submissions WILL NOT be considered without the entry fee payment.   CAN HBFF WAIVE MY SUBMISSION FEE? No. While we recognize the financial difficulties that many filmmakers face, submission fees are necessary to help defray the cost of operating the festival.   WHAT TYPES OF ENTRIES DO YOU ACCEPT? We accept films and videos from Black or African-American filmmakers from the U.S. and Canada in the following categories: feature-length narratives, shorts (30 minutes or less), documentaries, student films, and web series. HBFF welcomes narrative features, shorts, student and documentary films for its competitive program.  Animation films, music videos and web series submitted are accepted for the non-competitive program only.  All films submitted must have been completed after September 1, 2012. We also accept submissions from outside the U.S. and Canada for our World Cinema Program.  Submissions from Africa, the Caribbean, Central or Latin America are accepted for the Film Diaspora Competition, a new sidebar category.   CAN A NON-AFRICAN AMERICAN FILMMAKER SUBMIT TO THE FESTIVAL? Yes! Submissions from all other filmmakers will be considered for our invitational program.   MY FILM WILL NOT BE READY BY THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE. WILL YOU CONSIDER A ROUGH CUT? Yes. You can submit a rough cut for consideration; however, if your film is selected to screen at HBFF, your final version must be finished and delivered to the festival by the delivery due date.   MY FILM IS NOT IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. WILL HBFF ACCEPT IT? HBFF will accept your submission as long as it is subtitled or dubbed in English.   HOW SHOULD I SUBMIT MY FILM? PLEASE NOTE: ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE DONE ELECTRONICALLY. HBFF WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY ACTUAL DVDS OF YOUR FILMS. PLEASE SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY VIA WITHOUTABOX (WAB) at THANK YOU.   WHAT IS A WITHOUTABOX (WAB) TRACKING NUMBER? This is the tracking number assigned to your completed submission by the withoutabox website and identifies your submission for the festival. Include this tracking number on any and all materials that you provide to the festival so that we can identify your submission. This number should be included on your packaging material and your preview copy and/or screener.   I’M HAVING PROBLEMS COMPLETING MY SUBMISSION/UPLOADING MY PRESS KIT. Contact our Filmmaker Support department  if you have problems completing your submission or uploading your press kit. They can be reached at and can assist with the upload process.   HOW MANY FILMS CAN I SUBMIT? You may submit as many submissions as you like; however, you must send a separate submission form and entry fee for each submission.   CAN MULTIPLE ENTRIES BE SUBMITTED ON ONE DIGITAL FILE? No. Each entry must be submitted separately. The only exception to this requirement is the Web Series category, which can submit up to three (3) episodes for a single series on one digital file.   CAN I SUBMIT MULTIPLE EPISODES FOR A WEB SERIES ON ONE DIGITAL FILE? Yes. You may submit up to three (3) episodes for a single series on one digital file. A separate submission and digital file is required for each series.   HOW ARE FILMS SELECTED FOR A FESTIVAL SCREENING? The selection of films is made by the Director of Programming and a festival screening committee comprised of entertainment industry executives and filmmakers.   CAN I SUBMIT A FILM THAT HAS SCREENED AT ANOTHER FILM FESTIVAL? Yes. HBFF accepts films that have previously screened at other festivals; however, please be aware that we place a significant amount of weight on whether your film will be a World, U.S. or West Coast premiere if it screens at HBFF. While you can screen at other festivals prior to HBFF, be advised that we do have a sixty (60) day window screening policy that prohibits you from screening at any other festival in the Los Angeles area 60 days prior to HBFF. In other words, you cannot screen at any other festival or screening program between August and October 2013. If you screen at another festival after receiving an invitation to screen at HBFF, we reserve the right to remove your film from the schedule. We suggest you keep track of the other festivals you’ve applied to, and before accepting an invitation to screen elsewhere, be sure to check on the status of your HBFF submission.   WHAT TYPES OF PRIZES ARE AWARDED? Prizes will be awarded in the feature, short, documentary, and student categories. We will also recognize our Audience Choice winner. Prizes may include production and post-production services grants, motion picture film stock, software (screenwriting, budgeting, etc.), filmmaking classes/workshops, books, meetings with leading motion picture studio and production company development, acquisition and distribution executives.   WHO WILL BE THE JUDGES? Judges will be executives and filmmakers from the entertainment industry, including studio executives, writers, directors, producers and filmmakers.   WHEN ARE FINALISTS NOTIFIED? Filmmakers will be notified of the acceptance status on or about July 29, 2013.   YIPPEE, I’VE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE FESTIVAL. WHEN WILL I GET MY SCREENING SCHEDULE? Filmmakers will be notified of the acceptance status on or about August 19, 2013.   HOW ARE FINALISTS NOTIFIED? The festival communicates via email. Make sure that we have your current email at all times. Also, update your spam or junk mail filter to allow incoming mail from   WHAT FORMATS DO YOU SCREEN ON? If you are selected to screen at the festival, you may screen on 35mm, DV CAM, DigiBeta, mini-DV or Beta SP.   DO I GET PAID FOR HAVING MY FILM SCREENED AT THE FESTIVAL No. The festival does not pay rental fees for submitted works that are programmed.   WHEN SHOULD I SEND MY SCREENER FOR THE FESTIVAL? Screeners are due September 11, 2013.   CAN I GET MY SCREENER BACK? Yes. You can pick up your film at the festival. If you do not attend the festival we will return your master tape or film if you provide us with a self-addressed stamped shipping package. If you need special shipping arrangements, they must be made at least two weeks before the festival.   WHO PAYS FOR SHIPPING? You pay the cost of shipping your film to the festival and the return shipment if you do not attend the festival.   HOW CAN I GET TICKETS TO THE SCREENINGS? Information regarding ticket sales will be available in late August on the festival website at   WHAT IF I HAVE ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Send an email to us at