Official HBFF 2017 Headquarters & Infotainment Conference:

Hotel MdR

13480 Maxella Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Official HBFF 2017 Screening Venues:

AMC Marina Marketplace 6, Villa Marina Marketplace Mall

4335 Glencoe Ave., Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Theater #2

Cinemark 18 & XD

The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center

6081 Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Theater #3

Wednesday, February 22


10a – 6p:                      Registration – Hotel MdR

11a:                             Scheduler’s Choice – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

                                    Architects of Crime (14:00)

                                    Photograph (16:21)

                                    Nutcracker (21:00)


12:30p:                        Programmer’s Choice – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

                                    Paradise Inn (21:00)

                                    Hollywood Fiction (30:47)

                                    Appassionato (23:51)


2p:                              Sunshine Day (1:39:53) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


4p:                               Almost Amazing (1:55:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


6p:                              One Last Sunset Redux (1:00:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


7p:                               Opening Night Red Carpet opens – AMC Marina Marketplace


8p:                               Opening Night Film – – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

                                    The Preacher’s Son /110 min


10p – until:                  Opening Night Reception – Hotel MdR



Thursday, February 23


9a – 5p:                        Registration – Hotel MdR


10a:                             In the Name of Justice –  Cinemark 18 & XD

                                    All They Know Is Shoot (5:04)

                                    My Name Is Lamar (7:15)

                                    The Homecoming  (18:00)


11a:                             Life Is Too Short (1:12:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


11:10a:                        Things We Do For Love (New Media) –  Cinemark 18 & XD

                                    Sistah Did What? (14:03)

                                    Funny Married Stuff (20:08)

                                    Sidetracked (42:32)

                                    Makeup x Breakup (16:41)

                                    #DearGeorgette (12:05)


12:30p:                        Project BayGanda (1:01:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


1:15p:                          Short Docs –  Cinemark 18 & XD

                                    The Revenge of Emmett Till (34:00)

                                    Forest Anderson:  The Black Oklahoma Millionaire (13:00)

                                    #NonaHendryx Transformation (6:30)

                                    Invisible Women: Being A Black Woman In Corporate America                                                                                                                    (32.28:00)

                                    A Cut Above (00:13:25)


3:15p:                          Change For a Penny (50:51) –  Cinemark 18 & XD


3-4:30p:                       From Concept to Completion. – Hotel MdR

Sponsored by Tri-Destined Studios


Filmmakers and producers will share their stories of how they took their projects from concept to completion overcoming the obstacles and challenges often faced by indie filmmakers.



ND Brown – CEO, Tri Destined Studios

Veronica Nichols – VP Prod. & Develop Tri Destined Studios

Darren Grant – Director ‘Saints & Sinners’ / ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’

Carl Seaton – Director ‘Bad Dad Rehab’ (rcvd a NAACP Nom. Best Director)



Trey Haley, President, Tri Destined Studios


3:45p:                          Confused…by Love (1:10:23) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


5-6:30p:                       Trailblazing New Voices on TV and Cable: The Creators,

                                    Producers & Showrunners Panel – Hotel MdR


Confirmed speakers:

Brian Dobbins, Blackish

Dee Harris Lawrence; Chicago PD

Datari Turner, Growing Up Hip Hop

Moderator: Darlene Donloe


This panel discussion will help filmmakers understand the creative process and how to tackle the daunting task of creating a television show. How do producers and industry gatekeepers decide to take on a project? How do you assemble the right team? How to polish a script? How do actors interpret the story? The questions can be endless for a new filmmaker. This panel serves to answer some of those questions with practical answers.


5:15 p.m.                     Oscar (1:20:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


6:30-8p:                       HAPPY HOUR NETWORKING MIXER – Hotel MdR


7p;                               Beyond Silence (1:40:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


9p.                               My B.F.F (1:50:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


10:45p                         Dirty House Arrest (1:43:00)



Friday, February 24


8a – 5p:                        Registration – Hotel MdR


9a – 10:30a:                 Distribution Wheelin’ and Dealin’ – Hotel MdR


The Marketing & Distributing Independent Films panel is a lively discussion by a panel of successful producers’ reps, publicists, sales agents, critics, and distributors. They reveal how they work with filmmakers and festivals, and provide specific advice on creating a strategy to build a buzz and maximize your chances of selling your film. This panel will teach filmmakers how to launch a film—from marketing materials, ad agencies, and guerilla tactics to getting press attention, evaluating buyers, and taking the next step when their films did not sell at a festival. How to use internet-based blogs, social networking sites and buddy lists to build an audience.



Angela Northington, General Manager, Urban Movie Channel

Brett Dismuke, Owner, So Chi Entertainment

Quincy Newell, Executive Vice President, CodeBlack Entertainment

Raymond Tambe, Esq., Cohen Gardner LLP Law Firm


10a:                             Shorts Program – Cinemark 18 & XD

                                     Moving Express  (9:40)

                                    Tales from the Blood Fairies (27:20)


11a                              Not Black Enough (1:22:28)– AMC Marina Marketplace 6


11a – 1p:                      Screenwriting Masterclass with Jeff Gordon,

The Writers Boot Camp – Hotel MdR

Sponsored by The Writers Boot Camp


In this informative and enlightening workshop, Writers Boot Camp Founder Jeffrey Gordon (JG) will identify the common mistakes writers of all experience levels make on early drafts, and explain the need for at least 10 specific drafts on your script prior to its submission to industry friends and contacts. By definition, first drafts are just a start. They lack the explicit “audience experience” and cultivated seamlessness expected in a viable script. Yet too often, motivated by the drive for approval and the desire for feedback, a writer will send out a script too soon. Entering its 28th anniversary this March year, Writers Boot Camp’s short session will help you avoid common mistakes and steer your projects toward industry relevance. Join JG and learn some of the tools that Writers Boot Camp alumni have learned that have helped them have 70 major movies produced in just the past five years (SPOTLIGHT, DUE DATE, FRIGHT NIGHT, CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER, RUNNER RUNNER) and get staffed on the hottest TV series (This Is Us, Billion$, UnReal), as well as 500 books and novels published.


11:30:                          In the Mirror – Cinemark 18 & XD

                                    The Closet (14:00)

                                    Behind Closed Doors (9:34)

                                    CARRIE CA$H (20:51)

                                    C’est Moi (27:29)


12:45p:                        Machel Montano: Journey of a Soca King (1:16:27)

– AMC Marina Marketplace 6


1p:                               Intern’s Choice – Cinemark 18 & XD

                                    Raptors (15:30)

                                    Dating and Waiting (25:46)

                                    Late late (4:59)


1:30p – 3:30p:              How to Pitch Your Project and Get Financiers, Producers

                                     and Talent to Say “Yes” – Hotel MdR

                                     Sponsored by Mozell Entertainment



Richard Willis Jr., President, Mozell Entertainment


2:15p:                      Where’s the Love  – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

Me, Myself & Them (19:30)

Sexless After 45 (20:00)

Brazilian Wavy (21:00)


2:15p:                          Crazy Love – Cinemark 18 & XD

                                    Hope For Dating In LA (26:30)

                                    Oops! (3:48)

                                    The Gram (14:00)

                                    90 Days (19:30)


3:30 p.m.                     Power Play – Cinemark 18 & XD

                                     On Time (8:16)

                                    “Gila Monster” Episode: Cold, Ruthless and Unstoppable (15:00)

                                    The Untimely End of Ms. Xiang (25:01)

                                    Shadows (16:23)


4p – 6p:                        Music in Film – Hotel MdR


Learn how to get  the most out of any music budget for your indie film. Find out how to get A-list musicians to work on your film, how to hire music supervisors and composers, and how to make the music in your film drive the effectiveness of your film promotion and advertising campaigns.. Tips, tricks and strategies on how to get music licensed for your film.



Jerome Spence

Miche’le Vice- Maslin

Qiana Conley


5p:                               Kansas St. (1:32:09) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


5-7p:                            HAPPY HOUR NETWORKING MIXER  – Hotel MdR


6:45p:                          Title VII (1:12:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


7p – 10p:                      HBFF Actors’ Audition Clinic +  Competition – Hotel MdR

                                    Hosted by Veteran Casting Director Leah Daniels-Butler


8:15 p.m.                     Grandma’s House (1:34:04) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


10:00 p.m.                     Programmer’s Choice II – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

                                    Make America Great? (12:37)

                                    Third Timothy (15:00)

                                    Ori Inu: In Search of Self (28:47)

                                    Blackface (6:43)

                                    LOVE (13:53)

                                    Black Magic (11:10)

                                    A Good Day of Hustling (5:27)

                                    The Jump (7:11)




Saturday, February 25


8a – 5p:                        Registration – Hotel MdR


9a – 10:30a:                 Marketing and Publicity For Your Film – Hotel MdR


Marketing, promoting and publicizing your film to build your audience and sell your film. Discover opportunities to reach new audiences, get publicity and promote your projects on your own.



Sheila Marmon, CEO, Mirror Digital

Tatiana El-Khouri, CEO/Visual Storyteller, Creative Force Group

Nikita S. Adams, Producer

Sharon Liggins, PR Consultant

Darlene Donloe, Publicist


Moderator: Miki Turner


10a – 4p:                      INVITATION ONLY Storyteller Competition Workshops

– Hotel MdR


10:30-11:30a:              Creating Adapting and Novelizing Books For Film,

                                    Television & Stage – Hotel MdR


New York Times’ best-selling author Dr. LaJoyce Brookshire is the first Black woman to novelize a major motion picture (“Soul Food”).  In this intimate workshop you will learn how to get a book created, adapted and novelized for TV, film and the stage.


11a:                             Through the Eyes of a Child – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

                                    Pangaea (6:12)

                                    Rebel Child (7:45)

                                    Angela’s Sacred Heart (24:01)

                                    The Boots (11:57)


11:30a – 1:30p:            Directors & Producers Speak Out – Hotel MdR


This session will give you an insider view into the lives of directors and producers, and their personal stories.



Neema Barnette, Director,

Preston Whitmore, Director, This Christmas

Re’Shaun Frear, Producer

Kaylon Hunt, Producer, Juvee Productions

Dan Garcia, Producer



Carol Ann Shine


12:15p:                        Black Fatherhood: Trials & Tribulations, Testimony & Triumph (1:20.40) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


2p – 3:30p:                   Strategies For Successfully Crowdfunding Your Film  – Hotel MdR


Moderated by Tanya Kersey, Founder/Executive Director, HBFF


2p:                               Defining Strength – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

                                    Last Stop (24:21)

                                    Bail (6:40)

                                    The StickUp  (8:03)

                                    B.B.O (6:10)

                                    Curse of War (16:36)


3:30p:                          Hav Faith (2:07:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


4p – 6p:                        How To Get Your Film Financed Using Strategies

                                    That Actually Work – Hotel MdR

Sponsored by Tri-Destined Studios


How To Get Your Film Financed Using Strategies That Actually Work is a lively discussion amongst executives and producers who will to share the different strategies to get your film financed that is changing as the industry embraces an explosion of new and unconventional resources for financing, producing and distributing independent films



Corey Grant – Director ‘Illicit’

Rashad El Amin – Producer/Writer ’48 Hours To Live’

Datari Turner – Producer ‘9 Rides’

Trey Haley – Director ‘The Man In 3B’



ND Brown, CEO, Tri Destined Studios


5-7p:                            HAPPY HOUR NETWORKING MIXER – Hotel MdR


6p:                               Executor (1:36:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


6:30p – 8:30p: Storyteller Live Staged Reading Showcase – Hotel MdR

Director: Patricia Cuffie-Jones

Producer: Alexia Peebles

Actors: TBA


7:45p:                          Things My Daddy Should’ve Told Me (1:10:12) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


8p:                               Closing Night Red Carpet – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


9p:                               Awards Ceremony & Closing Night FilmEverything But A Man (1:10:00)

– AMC Marina Marketplace 6


10p – 1a                      Closing Night After Party – Hotel MdR

                                      DJ will be spinning the hits!



Sunday, February 26


11a:                             Shorts Program – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

The Putdown (12:00)

                                     Anacostia (25:38)

                                    The Birthright Project (28:00)

                                    DROP (4:58)


12:15p:                        Jesus Christ: Man or Myth? (1:33:00)

AMC Marina Marketplace 6


2p:                               First Step: A Kids Family Away From Family (50:00)

– AMC Marina Marketplace 6


3:15p:                          Our Amazing Stories – AMC Marina Marketplace 6

                                    Gospel Radio Man (26:10)

                                    The Lowrider Tradition (9:14)

                                    Soup Joumou (12:14)

                                    The Sara Spencer Washington Story (28:05)

                                    The 30th of May (39:46)


5:30p:                          When Justice isn’t Just (40:00) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


6:30p:                          The Health in Hope (49:51) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6


7:30p:                          Oracabessa (1:53) – AMC Marina Marketplace 6