Chicken & Beef Presents Monkey Gang The Mockumentary   
Writers: Montaigne Massac, Casey Gane-McCalla
Director: Montaigne Massac
In category: Narrative Feature Film


Exact Runtime 
01 hr : 45 min : 00 sec

Date of Completion 
June 2011

Country of Production 



‘Monkey Gang’ The Mockumentary is a movie parody of the current state of Hip Hop & ‘Gangsta Rap’. This feature length movie is Starring and Created By M.C Mighty Casey and Produced By Undependent Film Company Chicken & Beef, INC. ‘Monkey Gang’ recreates Gangsta Raps funniest & darkest moments in a fictional Documentary spoofing scenarios such as, Rap Battles, Hip Hop Beefs, Gansta Rap DVDs, Video Blogs, Reality Shows, & the rise and fall of a ‘Gangsta Rap’ group. All while giving real social commentary with real interviews from Hip Hop artist (underground and major). This movie has already been compared to CB4, Spinal Tap, Hollywood Shuffle, Bamboozled, Fear Of A Black Hat, & Don’t Be A Menace. ‘MonkeyGang’ was directed By debut director Mr.M.




Screening Time & Venue


Time / Date



6:30 PM     Sat, Oct 29

screens with


Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 4