Bad Friday: Rastafari after Coral Gardens
Director/producer: Deborah Thomas

Co-director/executive producer/co-producer: John Jackson
In category: Documentary


Exact Runtime 
01 hr : 08 min : 25 sec

Date of Completion 
July 2011

Country of Production 



Despite ubiquitous media images of Jamaica as a sun filled-paradise, its local population is actively grappling with legacies of Western imperialism, racial slavery, and political nationalism: the historic foundations of contemporary violence Jamaica (and across the Americas ). Bad Friday chronicles the history of violence in Jamaica, one of the most dangerous nation’s in the Western Hemisphere, through the eyes of its most iconic community, Rastafarians, adherents of a ‘new religious movement’ founded in that country in the 1930s. The film focuses on a community of Rastafarians in western Jamaica that annually commemorates a 1963 ‘massacre’ perpetrated against them by the Jamaican government. 



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2:00 PM     Fri, Oct 28

screens with…

One Short & A Doc

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Laemmle Sunset 5: Theater 5

$12.50 Matinee