Presented by Mozell Entertainment Group

A panel of seasoned writers, producers and executives discuss how to craft a compelling pitch in 30-60 seconds, how to excite and entice your listener in order to get them to want to read your script, and more.

Reserve your spot to pitch your project and receive feedback from the panel on how to make the pitch more sellable. Separate PITCHATHON REGISTRATION required to pitch. Festival attendees are welcome to come and watch for free.  LIMITED to 20 PITCHES. $30 Pitch Fee.


The Winner of the Pitchathon receives the following:

MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP will present a private reading of the script at 1010 Wilshire in front of a host of celebrity and high level guests (but it has to be cast by the writer).

MOZELL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP will give the writer $250 to help produce the reading.

-The reading will take place before December 1, 2012.